Andre Jackson among trio busted for Jacqueline Gallegos's shocking cold-case murder

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Periodically, we post about unsolved murders in Denver -- and one of the ten cases we featured last May focused on the 1994 slaying of Jacqueline Gallegos. Now, however, a grand jury has indicted three men -- Andre Jackson, Samuel Sims and Jackie McConnell -- with the grisly and shocking crime. Details and the document below.

Here's the personal story about the Gallegos case as shared on the invaluable website Families of Homicide Victims and Missing Persons:

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Jacqueline Gallegos.
Jacqueline Collette Gallegos, 28, graduated from Great Bend (KS) High school. Next to the oldest of seven children, she loved music, dancing and being with friends. Jackie liked to write poetry and was a fantastic artist drawing caricatures and animals. She was the devoted mother of five children: Anthony, Luis, Robert, Monique and Lorena. Jackie was outgoing and would "take in the underdog anytime," according to her mother, Linda Atz. On July 12, 1994, Jackie was visiting at a friend's home when, according to a witness, intruders posing as federal agents forced their way into the house. Jackie was bound, raped and sodomized; they cut her throat and stabbed her over 30 times. Another person was also killed but the one they were apparently after survived. No one has ever been apprehended for this crime.
The indictment against Jackson (nicknamed "Dre"), Sims (known as "Sparky") and McConnell provides more information, much of it brutal.

About 4:30 a.m. on July 12 [the indictment mentions "June," but it's a misprint], the document says Denver police officers and paramedics from Denver Health arrived at 3234 Larimer Street to find a man named Mack Martinez lying in the entryway of the home. His ankles were bound and he was badly hurt.

Further inside, they discovered two more people: Nelson Swiggett and Gallegos. Swiggett's ankles were also bound, and he had suffered multiple stab wounds. Gallegos, for her part, was found lying naked in a bedroom with what was described as "a sharp force injury to her throat."

Both Swiggett and Gallegos died of their injuries, but Martinez, described as a "suspected drug dealer," survived and was able to tell police what happened. According to him, five or six intruders -- one with a shotgun -- forced their way into the home at about 3 a.m. Their faces were covered and they wore dark clothes.

The men ordered Martinez into the bedroom and demanded money and drugs -- and their methods of persuasion were severe. After his eyes were covered, he's said to have been tied up and tortured with a wire hanger and a knife, with the latter being used to make a cut on his throat.

Gallegos was in the same room, and Martinez said that as he was being abused, he could hear three male voices and the sound of her being sexually assaulted.

Swiggett was in another part of the house. Martinez recalled hearing him "being beaten and begging for his life," the indictment says.

Continue for more on the break in the Jacqueline Gallegos cold case, plus photos and the indictment.

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All three of them are black...go figure.  Who could've guessed that one.


And after ONLY nineteen years of endless bragging by the three alleged assailants , DPD was FORCED to make the arrests !...


If Jesus loves these guys then I know the world is fucked!

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Jesus loves them ... for the Bible tells them so.

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