Andre Jackson among trio busted for Jacqueline Gallegos's shocking cold-case murder

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After the men left, allegedly with jewelry, a watch, cash from his wallet, plus a TV and stereo equipment, Martinez was able to make it to the front door, where he saw a passerby and asked him to call 911.

During the investigation, the indictment cites witnesses who pointed to all three of the men charged in the crime. One person told cops McConnell had talked about being present in the house but denying that he'd personally killed anyone; rather, he said he'd only "poked people with a coat hanger."

3234 larimer street.jpg
Today, a vacant lot appears to occupy the address where Jacqueline Gallegos was killed.
A second witness quotes McConnell as having confessed to witnessing a rape -- and wishing that he'd left.

Other witnesses recalled Jackson talking about his participation in the robbery. He supposedly denied having taken part in the sexual assault: He claimed Sims was the person who'd raped and then killed her. However, Jackson allegedly admitted to stabbing "at least one of the people in the house," the indictment states.

And Sims? Multiple witnesses told the authorities that he'd shared an account of the night's activities with them -- including that he'd "stabbed people and cut people's throats."

The evidence noted in the indictment doesn't end there. The document reveals that DNA profiles were developed for Sims and Jackson and then compared with material from Gallegos's original sexual-assault kit, which suggested that two or more individuals had raped her. A DNA profile obtained from sperm on a vaginal swab matched Sims; the odds against the random selection of an unrelated individual are "estimated to be less than 1 in 8.9 trillion," the document says.

Jackson, too, scored a match, albeit one with considerably less certainty -- a "1 in 110,000" chance of misidentification, the indictment allows.

McConnell isn't mentioned in the DNA portion of the filing, suggesting that he was telling the truth about not taking part in Gallegos's rape. Nonetheless, he has been charged with what the Denver District Attorney's Office dubs "multiple charges" of first-degree murder, plus one attempted-murder count. Jackson and Sims have been handed the same, plus a sexual-assault accusation.

Jackson and McConnell are being held without bond in the Denver Detention Center in advance of arraignments scheduled for March; they've already made their initial court appearances. Sims is in custody as well, but the bars he's looking through are in Wichita, Kansas.

Look below to see booking photos of Jackson, McConnell and Sims, followed by the indictment.

andre jackson mug shot.jpg
Andre Jackson.

jackie mcconnell mug shot.jpg
Jackie McConnell.

samuel sims mug shot.jpg
Samuel Sims.

Jackson-Sims-McConnell Indictment

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All three of them are black...go figure.  Who could've guessed that one.


And after ONLY nineteen years of endless bragging by the three alleged assailants , DPD was FORCED to make the arrests !...


If Jesus loves these guys then I know the world is fucked!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Jesus loves them ... for the Bible tells them so.

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