Reader: The owners of Aurora Century 16 are victims of this tragedy, too

No question, an e-mail forwarded from Cinemark to victims of the July 20 shooting at Aurora Century 16 -- and family members of those who died there -- inviting them to a special reopening ceremony was the wrong way to deliver the message...but is it reason for a boycott?

Fifteen victims and family members have sent a letter of protest to Cinemark, but others say they will attend the ceremony. And Jordan Ghawi, whose sister died at the theater, says the call for a boycott is "ridiculous."

And readers, too, have varying -- and very heartfelt -- opinions.

Says Veronica:

The owners of the theater are also victims of this tragedy. Certainly not to the degree of people who were actually shot, but they are entitled to open their business and run it and make a living from it. If I was shot there I probably wouldn't go back there or any other theater for that matter. But there is no legitimate reason to boycott the business.

What do you think Cinemark should do to commemorate the victims? Post your thoughts below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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Thank you Patricia for being the FIRST via a media outlet to state the extreme obvious . The theater in no way, shape, or form is responsible for the tragedy that occurred in Aurora that summer night . If this were the case, there would, ( I believe SHOULD ! ), have been multiple CRIMINAL, arrests .

Negligence falls on APD & NOT the theater ! If they were to HONESTLY & FORENSICALLY investigate EVERY bullet & casing, MANY if not MOST, weren't hit by bullets fired from Holmes,  as 'the powers above' would have us ALL believe ! No ! Instead, APD running in firing BLINDLY, KNOWING they did so w/ a rock solid alibi, shot the place apart, leaving unspeakable carnage in their wake ....

Holmes is the 'goat' in this entire fiasco .......

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