Aurora Century 16 reopening: See changes made to ten other massacre sites

San Ysidro McDonald's attack
san ysidro mcdonalds memorial site.jpg
On July 18, 1984, James Huberty began randomly shooting patrons at a San Ysidro, California McDonald's. The casualty count: 21 dead, five of them children, and twenty injured.

McDonald's wound up giving the property where the tragedy took place to the City of San Ysidro, which built an education center there in conjunction with Southwestern Community College. The refurbished area features a memorial to the massacre victims that includes white marble pillars bearing the names of the victims

Northern Illinois University shooting

cole hall northern illiinois.jpg
On February 14, 2008, Steven Kazmierczak began shooting people at Northern Illinois University, located in the community of DeKalb. He took five lives and injured nineteen others before committing suicide.

Two years later, NIU announced that Cole Hall, where the majority of the violence took place, would be remodeled, with an anthropology museum and collaborative computing center part of the plan. It opened in January.

Continue reading about ten sites that were changed (or not) after massacres.

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Mitch Siff
Mitch Siff

Movie theaters as a whole are on the way out anyway...Home theaters are where it's at. And no kids talking on cell phones or $8 popcorn.

Nicole Lamas
Nicole Lamas

I'm out of the curse loop. Why is it cursed?

Travis Burns
Travis Burns

that place should have never been built to begin with.. it was built on cursed land..

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