Aurora Century 16 reopening: See changes made to ten other massacre sites

Virginia Tech massacre
center for peace and justice virginia tech.jpg
Center for Peace Studies & Violence Protection
On April 16, 2007, Seung-Hui Cho murdered 32 people and injured seventeen more at the Virginia Tech campus.

Many of the deaths took place in Norris Hall, which was reopened. However, the second floor of the building was devoted to the Center for Peace Studies & Violence Prevention, described as "a student-centered cross-disciplinary undertaking that builds on the academic, cultural, and security initiatives that evolved within the Virginia Tech community after the tragedy...."

Westside Middle School massacre

westside middle school memorial.jpg
On March 24, 1998, Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden, a pair of students at Westside Middle School in Jonesboro, Arkansas, killed four students and a teacher and injured ten others before being taken into custody.

The school was eventually reopened, but changes have happened since then, as noted in this vivid passage from a Philadelphia Inquirer article: "For years after the shooting in Jonesboro, workers would patch the bullet holes in the brick walls of the gym, and every winter, the fillings would fail. Eventually crews tore down part of the wall and installed a new facade. When the bloodstains on the sidewalk proved indelible, workers pulled up the slabs and put down a new pathway."

Continue reading about ten sites that were changed (or not) after massacres.

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Mitch Siff

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