User review making fun of Aurora theater shooting still on months later

Here's a new screen capture of the aforementioned user review:

mr movietimes screen capture.jpg
This message is no longer at the top of the string, however. Above it is one that criticizes and, presumably, yours truly for writing about the situation:

mr movietimes screen capture 2.jpg
That's followed by a message that shows compassion for those killed or wounded in the assault....

mr movietimes screen capture 3.jpg
...and a third note features a similar theme.

mr movietimes screen capture 4.jpg
At Cinemark's Aurora Century 16 page, meanwhile, there were no listings for any future date as of yesterday -- but there was the following graphic and line of condolence.

cinemark free movies screen capture.jpg
As Patricia Calhoun reported yesterday, victims and survivors will be able to tour the refurbished space today and tomorrow, while the general public can begin patronizing the venue on Thursday.

How many will attend? And will they they do so for ghoulish reasons or merely to catch a flick without charge? We'll know more when the lights go down.

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