Ban Westword's most prolific (and divisive) commenter? That's an impossible dream

"Patty C. is so out of touch and over-the-hill that she buys into the pretend anonymity nonsense... or even the entire absurd pretense of reviewing dispensaries, by a recreational stoner pretending to be a medical patient." Yes, DonkeyHotay is back at the keyboard, commenting again, and again, and again.

The comment above appeared on a post about our pot critic being "outed" as a long-gone New York Times food critic. But it was hardly the only one on which DonkeyHotay weighed in.

Every morning we read through the hundreds of comments left on the previous day's Latest Word posts, to make sure they conform to our very liberal (not surprising, you say?) comment policy. That policy bans spam, commercial messages and libel, and asks commentators to generally stick to the topic. Otherwise, though, we give readers pretty free rein to exercise their free-speech rights. We are reluctant to censor/purge comments unless they violate our rules, and we are even more reluctant to ban commenters altogether.

But inevitably, we find comments similar to this message sent last week by Matt.

I am an avid reader of your website. I love keeping up to date on current marijuana events. I used to love reading other readers' comments. This has changed, however. Every time I read comments all I see is Donkey posting comments calling people idiots stupid morons etc. etc. He/she doesn't like regulation -- we get it -- but there is no need to get so personal with people when they comment on something he doesn't like. He is like a spoiled child that doesn't get his way and throws a hissy fit. It's getting very old and making me consider getting my news somewhere else. Please put a stop to his nonstop insults. Thanks for your time.
We understand that DonkeyHotay's comments can get irritating. And we wish he'd leave off the personal insults, too -- particularly when he calls a woman a "cunt." (Really? We're not past that yet?) But unlike many people who leave comments on our site, DonkeyHotay actually reads the stories -- even if he disagrees with them. And he reads stories all over the site. For example, after our story on director Quentin Tarantino and the making of Django Unchanged, he left this:
The worst part of Tarantino's flicks is his insistence on stepping in front of the camera. He SUCKS as an actor...worse than Nicolas Cage.... Write, Direct and let the PROFESSIONALS do the acting, Quentin.
And after our post on the number of ski deaths this year, Donkey left this:
The Ski Industry must have hired Donald Rumsfeld to do the body counting
Those are fair -- and funny -- comments, and worth sharing with readers. So while we encourage DonkeyHotay to refrain from personal insults about other commenters (Westword editors are fair game), we don't plan to ban the Donkey. Nor do we plan to ban Corey Donahue (no matter how many times he calls us Wasteword), or any of the other regulars who regularly incur the ire of readers with their energetic enjoyment of the First Amendment.

If you don't like what you see, there's one easy solution: Skip the comments. Or learn to appreciate them, as DgoJoe has:

Ahhh...poor DonkeyHotay, losing the war on some drugs and just can't accept it.

Too bad, so sad. His continuing delusional rants are quite entertaining though, I must say. Write something else.... We need a good laugh!

So true...especially for out of touch editors.

From the Wake-Up Call archive: "Marijuana, guns, William Breathes in the New York Times and our place in the cultural divide."

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I comment a lot less than I used to, but it's mainly because I hate your commenting system, not because of DonkeyHotay's antics.  I mean, I spent several years on LiveJournal.  This ain't nothin'.


Putting the little lush in his place...yet, I wonder if "feeding the troll" isn't accurate.


I do think Donkay is probably correct about the likelihood that the dispensaries who (in what I recall as being his phrase) "give a shit" probably already know Breathes' identity thus, the logic follows, compromising the accuracy of the review....but that always eventually happens w/ all purportedly anonymous reviewers, everywhere. And maybe it's ok--maybe part of the "alpha" that divides the good restaurants from the slapdash ones is in fact demonstrated by the doing of many small things well, from the laundering of the napkins and polishing of stemware, to knowing who "Gretchen Kurtz" is when she walks in the door, or better yet, makes her reservation.


Corey Donahue (no matter how many times he calls us Wasteword), or any of the other regulars who regularly incur the ire of readers with their energetic enjoyment of the First Amendment.

You are so generous Patti and the Wasteword.  We are a real newspaper that actually will write an artical about how we are not going to ban commenters?   

Thank you so much for bestoing my first amendment right on me most merciful Wasteword.  

I thought I was doing that when I got arrested so much, standing infront of the capitol protesting our enslavement.  

Damn Patti! if I knew that all I had to do to gain my first amendment rights was to kneel down and recieve you blessing and not make you look the fool of a moditerater and propagandist you were, by smoking a joint at a cannabis debat. (Oh, and smoking at Castleman´s is still illegal, thanks A64 and the Wasteword)  

You are out of touch, you are a joke, you are far to cozy with the government you preport to report on, you are a propagandist.  


DonkeyHotay topcommenter

... and to think that you get all of my content -- and reader traffic -- for free.

You're welcome, Patty.



p.s. -- anyone fortunate enough to earn the "cunt" label should consider it a Chuacerian Term of Endearment

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