Reader: Boulder Walmart critics outnumbered by people who'd like to shop there

Our post about a new Walmart in Boulder expected to open this fall despite strong objections from locals concerned about the company's business practices and wage scale revved up dialogue aplenty. Here's a post from a reader who believes that those excited by the prospect represent far more people than do anti-Walmart protesters.

RevBF writes:

150 protesters vs. the inevitable 150,000 shoppers. Must we continue to let the loudest mouths of us make up all the rules and not the majority like it should be? A shopper vs. picketer octagon is clearly the only way to settle this dispute. It'll be like a grown-up version of a school yard brawl.

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Replace "Walmart" with "reasonable gun regulations" and see if we get the same demand for majority rule.


I've long held that the objection isn't to Wal-Mart per se, but to the kind of people who shop there.


I agree 100%. I was disappointed to see the Walmart at 8th & Colorado Boulevard be pushed away by a few loud people who want to spend more at Whole Foods. I would rather have cheap stuff closer to home.

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