Photos: Broncos player seen peeing behind Peyton Manning in team-produced video

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denver broncos peeing cropped.jpg
Big photos below.
Update below: Remember that golden moment from a November 2011 Denver-San Diego game when Chargers kicker Nick Novak was seen pissing on live TV? Apparently, the Broncos wanted a similar splash of magic going into their Saturday playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens. That's our conclusion after seeing a team-produced video in which a player can be seen taking a leak at practice. Highlights below.

Unfortunately, the clip isn't embeddable, so to see the whole thing, you'll have to click on this link.

Update: The link above previously connected directly to the video, but it's now going to a menu of other clips, suggesting the Broncos pulled down the one we featured in response to our post. Thank goodness, then, that we were able to capture the following (sort of) frame-by-frame breakdown of the big moment, which took place just shy of the one-minute mark.

The sequence began with a shot of Peyton Manning and the offensive unit (no, not that offensive unit):

denver broncos peeing 1.jpg
An instant later, Peyton broke away from the bunch....

denver broncos peeing 2.jpg
The camera followed the quarterback, as it should....

denver broncos peeing 3.jpg
...but then, just before the cut-away, a bit player bid for the starring role.

denver broncos peeing 4.jpg
Not clear enough for you? Here's our version of a zoom-in.

denver broncos peeing close up.jpg
By the way, number 67 is Broncos center Dan Koppen -- meaning that Manning has had his hands pretty near where Koppen's hands are in the frame above.

dan koppen wiki.jpg
Dan Koppen as he looks when he's not peeing.
Here's hoping that this weekend, the Ravens will be the ones getting the piss taken out of them. You know the feeling, don't you, Nick Novak?

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I suppose Koppen is technically, 'Off the Field' & will be surprised WW found the draining of his bladder so 'sports-news',  worthy ....

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