Broncos superfan Hat Man on getting shot at in Kansas City -- and six other incredible stories

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6. BBQ for the kids:
As members of the Hall of Fans, Hocking and Barrel Man would travel to Canton, Ohio for the annual Pro Football Hall of Fame game and Hall of Fame weekend. The Hall of Fame fans had their own float in the parade, and everybody dressed up in their Sunday outfits. Being a diehard football fan is about fun and tradition first and foremost, but getting together, getting drunk and celebrating America's greatest game left Hocking and the other fans wanting more.

"You know, once you organize, you have to have a purpose, so we adopted some charities. One thing that we did is...Canton, of course, is known for the NFL Hall of Fame and all the football stuff and all this, but Canton has...a large underprivileged kid population. So what we did is, one weekend, we kind of adopted this community center which wasn't in the best part of Canton. And we went down there and we took over the place for the weekend, and we brought all kinds of barbecues and everybody dressed up and we signed autographs, and we invited every kid in the town. And the first year we did that, we had probably about seventy or eighty kids, and the last year I went, we had, jeez, over 500 kids that showed up."

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