Bryan Carver allegedly put his GPS on his dog -- and violated his parole with guns and cocaine

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Now, of course, it's Carver and Byrd who are in the doghouse. The Denver District Attorney's Office has hit the former with possession and possession-with-intent-to-distribute charges related to cocaine and meth, as well as a hefty 28 counts of weapon possession by a previous offender. Byrd, for his part, is staring down the barrels of two weapon-possession-by-a-previous-offender beefs and a cocaine possession allegation. They remain in custody at this writing, with an initial court date slated for February 7.

Meanwhile, Nuzzy is no longer being monitored by the Department of Corrections. Bet he's relieved.

Here are booking photos for Carver and Byrd, followed by charging documents and probable cause statements in the name of each.

bryan carver mug shot.jpg
Bryan Carver.

michael byrd mug shot.jpg
Michael Byrd.

Bryan Carver and Michael Byrd Probable Cause Statements

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Perhaps one of the owners of a recently murdered dog could provide 'Nuzzy' w/ a nice new home ....


Oh, by the way, serious kudos to the parole officer for doing his job & getting ALL THOSE GUNS OFF THE STREET !

Is 'Nuzzy' currently facing 'The Chair' at the local S.P.C.A. ? DPD, the state parole, & THE COMMUNITY, OWES NUZZY !  I'm willing to bet the guns weren't all intended for 'hunting' ....


Both Carver & Byrd are likely to receive sentences somewhere in the range of twenty years, each .

Meanwhile, Patrick Sullivan CONTINUES TO LAUGH IN THE FACE OF JUSTICE & how it will NEVER apply to him .....

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

HipTip: Neck / Face Tattoos = Epic Life FAIL!

BTW -- where in the Second Amendment does it say that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms SHALL BE INFRINGED ?

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

He probably would have gotten away with it, for occasional jaunts, except once it worked, he couldn't just stay at home, could he?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Juan_Leg... at least these Parole Officers had more respect for dogs than the trigger-happy cowards on the metro-area Police forces, eh?


I just got off the phone w/ Denver city, & have someone trying to locate 'Nuzzy' . To ENSURE this, I additionally placed calls to channels 4 & 2 / 31,  and 'pitched it like a sale' to a cpl of reporters who TOO agreed this IS a story of interest . Both promised to give this IMMEDIATE attention and would get back w/ me should they find anything . I did leave my number .


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