Carly McKinney, aka CarlyCrunkBear: DJ Diplo rallies for suspended teacher at #FreeCrunkBear

carly crunk bear thong.jpg
There's no telling whether Diplo's retweet had anything to do with McKinney's Twitter account coming to 9News' attention, but he's certainly taken her plight to heart. His Twitter feed currently overflows with messages featuring #FreeCrunkBear. Here's an item posted seven hours ago at this writing:

Shortly thereafter came this:

He also shared this graphic:

freecrunkbear graphic.jpg
One person on Diplo's feed suggests that everyone change their Twitter avatars to the flag above, while others are using the #FreeCrunkBear hashtag without quite knowing why. An example:

In the last few hours, someone's also launched #FreeCrunkBear Twitter and Facebook pages -- although they're unlikely to please the school district. Here's the graphic for the Twitter feed:

freecrunkbear twitter profile.jpg
In contrast to all this online activity, McKinney is laying low. But Diplo and his followers are making sure her case isn't forgotten.

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