Colorado pride: Our ten favorite home state items on Etsy

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Colorado -- Original Reclaimed Wood Mixed Media Art: $220
colorado wood mixed media art.jpg
"This unique art piece is based off of the design of the Colorado state flag. The white in the flag (and piece) symbolizes Colorado's snow-capped mountains, the blue symbolizes Colorado's famous blue skies, the red symbolizes Colorado's red soil, and the yellow represents the clear view of the sun Coloradans enjoy being at such great elevation.

"This piece is made to order and is constructed from reclaimed wood. I reuse scrap materials to create all of my art pieces. I acquire my materials from sources that are throwing out or burning them. I salvage the materials and attempt to recycle them and make them into something beautiful. I believe in sustainable art and nurturing a sustainable world."

Colorado Flag Bottlecap Coffee Table: $1,000

colorado flag bottlecap coffee table.jpg
"This colorful living room centerpiece of the Colorado state flag is made from a second-hand coffee table, salvaged bottle caps, and tile grout."

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