Daniel Zettler wins $43K in free-speech lawsuit against cop, David Lane may file another one

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David Lane.
"We approached Salida before we ever filed, and they completely blew us off," Lane maintains. "So we said, 'Okay, fine, we'll file a case.' So this is another example of a government entity that could have settled for much less money -- but they wanted to fight, without ever analyzing the end game. We see this time and time again with government: They can settle things cheaply and quickly without going to court, but they keep picking unwinnable battles like this one."

Now, though, Lane sees more actionable statements in the Chieftain article. "It said he put his hands on the cop and was being belligerent, and that's a lie -- that's defamation," he allows. Moreover, he says he can prove it through testimony from witnesses, including a law student who was with Zettler at the time of the incident and says he was "nothing but cooperative. And the proof is that they paid $43,000 to get out of the case -- because we had so many people lined up to say Zettler's version was the correct version."

With that in mind, Lane says, "we're considering a defamation lawsuit against the cop, who's once again telling falsehoods to the media."

We've left a message for attorney Ziporin and will update this post when and if he responds. In the meantime, Lane believes the Zettler case should stand as a reminder to other police officers -- particularly those who "spend more time on the firing range than they do in the law library."

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why is it every story i read all i can think is please god let me be on that jury,

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

The settlement should come directly and entirely from the lowlife fascist scumbag cop who violated this citizen's constitutional rights.


With Mr. Zettler being a P.D. & a member of the 'system', I'm sure it played WELL in the filing  & short period of time it took to come to this agreement . As a part of the courts, I'm sure he has the 'dirt' on EVERYONE and possibly made this clear to those in opposition . Lane was simply the 'slam-dunk' in the matter ....

Would the result have been the same if it had been you or I ? I doubt it,  seriously ....

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