Forty Denver homicides in 2012: See where they happened

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The Denver coroner's office has released its list of homicides in Denver during 2012, and the total of forty is down from 47 in 2011. Indeed, 2011 saw forty homicides through the first three-quarters of that year, while 25 took place during the initial nine months of 2012. But that means the last three months of 2012 were its bloodiest quarter, with fifteen homicides taking place -- five of them at Fero's Bar & Grill on a single night in October.

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The post below documents all forty homicides in descending order, including Ryan Haldeman, whose photo is seen above, along with coroner's office descriptions of the victims and information about the time, place and cause of death. Every listing with a location also includes an interactive graphic showing the scene of the crime; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

In addition, names in blue feature links to Westword's original coverage. For last year's list, visit, "24 Denver homicides in 2011 through June: See where they happened."

Levi Carter

Black, male, 48

6:45 p.m. December 15

No location listed

Seizure disorder due to assault

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Demetrius Cruz

Hispanic, male, fifteen

4:48 a.m. December 15

West Bates Avenue and South Depew Street

Gunshot wounds (2) of back

Loretta Barela

Hispanic, female, 44

8:29 a.m. November 18

No location listed

Pending tox

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Jeffrey Musick

White, male, 38

6:14 a.m. November 10

900 Auraria Parkway

Multiple gunshot wounds

Continue for more about the forty Denver homicides in 2012 and where they happened.

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Denver's 8th Avenue Crime Fighters
Denver's 8th Avenue Crime Fighters

SURELY this IS DUE TO negligent and incompetent Government PAID 311, 911, non-emergency and police! I have a LONG LIST of prejudice, negligence, selective enforcement, deliberate indifference to laws and ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION that a COP told me they are ORDERED to NOT TAKE PROOF!


You failed to list the Planned Parenthood clinics, on behalf of the three Christian, WW readers ....

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