Reader: Hysteria over shootings of dogs, elk is getting out of control

Our most recent post about the shooting of a dog by an Adams County deputy who'd gone to the wrong address has attracted plenty of posts critical of the officer.

But one reader believes the amount of attention such cases have received is out of proportion with their importance.

chunt6 writes:

I'm sorry, but animals r not human beings and trying to give them status as such isnt going to happen. If my dogs run at u and u r armed, u have the right to protect urself against them. Dogs do not understand words like ppl do. They only respond to words they r taught to respond to. Seeing all this hysteria over dogs and elk and pigs is a scary thing. What's next? Squirrels? Raccoons? It's where ur trying to lead it.

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RobertChase topcommenter

Our incompetent media played to prejudices against Boulderites and Denver's Good Germans were more than ready to accept the official explanation that the elk had been acting aggressively and was therefore put down -- but wait -- now it transpires that two Boulder cops conspired to poach that elk, which was a placid neighborhood pet.  Their arrogance in committing the several felonies involved is being described as "stupidity", but while one hopes that the poachers are the stupidest cops in the BPD, I consider that the incident suggests that many police in Colorado believe that they are above the law and essentially untouchable -- thoughtful observers of the conduct of the DPD and of Denver District-Attorney-for-Life Mitch Morrissey agree.

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