Fiscal cliff deal: "Borrowing is economic cocaine," says Dick Lamm

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According to Lamm, "We are in a position quite often of the little boy that cried wolf." he notes that despite promises, government officials have done very little to seriously address the debt crisis.

"They start to borrow money, and borrowing is economic cocaine," he says. "Once you start, it's just hard to stop."

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Lamm adds, "I feel a duty to my children, to my grandchildren. And I know that sounds corny, but I really do."

Here's the full statement sent out on Thursday from the Campaign to Fix the Debt"

Campaign to Fix the Debt -- Colorado: "Hold the Applause"

(DENVER, CO) -- Late Tuesday night Congress approved, and yesterday the President signed, a deal to avert the fiscal cliff. But it is too soon to begin the back-slapping and congratulations. In fact, the agreement did little to tackle the biggest drivers of the country's fiscal problems or tackle the growing national debt. Without meaningful entitlement, tax and spending reforms the debt will continue to grow, continue to endanger jobs and economic growth, and continue to put an even greater burden on future generations.

"Instead of using the fiscal cliff as a moment to address the root of our country's debt problems, Washington seemed content to do the very least possible," said former Governor Richard Lamm, co-chair of the Colorado Steering Committee for the Campaign to Fix the Debt. "We can't afford to continue to ignore the underlying fiscal issues and settle for political brinksmanship with each new economic crisis. Members of Congress and the White House need to sit down again and work on legislation that will truly address our long-term debt.

"Lawmakers have a responsibility to future generations to get our fiscal house in order," Lamm continued. Instead of a finish line, lawmakers should capitalize on the goodwill of the moment to return to the table to discuss the tough decisions necessary to stabilize the national debt and gradually put it on a downward trajectory. "

Colorado members of the Campaign to Fix the Debt are now urging policymakers to make the reforms necessary to further control spending, ensure the sustainability and solvency of entitlement programs, and reform the U.S. tax code to promote growth and greater revenue. The President and Members of Congress have publicly stated that more work needs to be done. The deal that the country needs will require lawmakers to put aside partisan holdouts to reach a principled agreement large enough to stabilize the debt and put it on a downward, long-term trajectory.
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