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break com cropped.jpg
Big photos below. is one of the most popular humor sites on the web in part because of its huge number of contributors -- who can include pretty much anyone on the planet.

Below, we've picked out our ten favorite Colorado photos from the site, including two flipped birds, one full moon and a guest appearance from Jesus (Greenberg). Check them out below.

Number 10: Not feeling that Buffs spirit

break com 3 girl caught flicking off her own team during florida state game 2007.JPG
This shot is from a 2007 CU-Florida State game. You don't have to look at the score to guess who's behind.

Number 9: Hot stuff

break com 4 this was a bartender in breckenridge who almost blew me off my chair with 151 and a lighter.jpg
The person who submitted this shot IDs its star as a bartender from Breckenridge who "almost blew me off my chair with 151 and a lighter." Make ours a double.

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