Reader: If there was a gang problem in Boulder or Littleton, funding wouldn't be a problem

Last week, Joel Warner wrote about the financial difficulties being experienced by a Montbello anti-gang initiative spearheaded by activist Terrance Roberts -- problems so severe that the program may have to close. One reader believes that demographics have everything to do with Roberts' troubles.

PhatCheddar writes:

...Let there be a gang problem in Littleton or Boulder and you've got funding up the a** for a youth center. Growing up in Montbello myself, I know that not only are the temptations of gangs always there, but they can easily be minimized if the kids simply have something to do, somewhere to go, to be a part of something, to feel welcomed, to have a real place to be loved because not every family is so fortunate to be "functional." I wish I could help a lot financially, but I'm not rich.

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