George Boedecker, Crocs co-founder, pleads guilty in "batsh*t crazy" Taylor Swift DUI

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How could anyone describe Taylor Swift as batshit crazy?
If the cop broke out laughing at this point, he leaves that part out. Instead, he recalls asking again where the girlfriend/Ms. Swift was, after which Boedecker "gestured casually towards a neighboring yard, and said she was in Nashville."

As the questions continued, Boedecker allegedly became irritated, declaring that he'd had it with the cop's "fucking questions" and warned him that things were about to get medieval -- or, as it's spelled in the report, "mid-evil." He refused to participate in voluntary roadside tests ("your fucking maneuvers," he's said to have called them), kept interrupting during the Mirandizing process to say that he knew his "fucking rights" and advised two officers to "go fuck yourselves in the ass."

The blood draw process didn't go much smoother. According to the narrative, Boedecker responded to an unheard statement by a Boulder County deputy by exclaiming, "If you didn't have that fucking gun, I would!" He also dubbed the reporting officer an "asshole," referred to him as his "enemy for life" and said he hoped the cop would "fucking die."

After these tales broke, Boedecker, assisted by a public-relations firm, became considerably more contrite. A statement released shortly thereafter read in part, "On behalf of the Boedecker Foundation and Mr. George Boedecker Jr., we acknowledge and regret the incident of Aug. 12 in Boulder, Colorado, between our founder, George Boedecker Jr. and the Boulder Police Department."

This tone is similar to a statement issued after Boedecker reversed his previous not-guilty plea in court yesterday. "I have pleaded guilty to the charges, and I accept responsibility for my actions and the resulting consequences," it reads. "I am prepared to honor my legal obligations and accept my sentence."

Not exactly an apology, but betcha the cops he'd verbally blistered weren't expecting one.

His punishment reportedly involves two years of probation, including a thirty-day in-home-confinement order that will require him to be fitted for an electronic monitor, plus 96 hours of community service, a $600 fine and alcohol-treatment classes.

He'll be allowed to serve his sentence in Tennessee -- home state of a certain Ms. Swift. Watch your back, Taylor!

Look below to see Boedecker's booking photo and the the assorted police reports.

george boedecker jr mug shot.jpg
George Boedecker, Jr.

George Boedecker Jr Police Report
George Boedecker Jr Police Report Supplementary Document

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Deborah Watts

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