Greg Smith, convicted teen murderer, took pics of great grandparents after killing them

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laura clagett.jpg
Laura Clagett.
In March 2011, the town of Hugo, in Lincoln County, was shaken by the murders of Charles and Laura Clagett, an elderly couple who'd lived in the area for years. Soon, their great grandson -- later ID'd as Greg Smith, a few weeks shy of seventeen -- was arrested and charged as an adult. He's now been convicted of first-degree murder, for a crime spelled out in shocking detail throughout an arrest affidavit on view below.

According to the document, the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call early on March 30, 2011 in relation to a rollover crash with its driver, Smith, trapped inside the vehicle. Emergency personnel were able to extricate him from the vehicle, a Ford pickup, in short order. But as they did so, they noticed a number of eye-catching details -- like, for instance, a large stack of cash in different denominations wedged between the truck's shattered windshield and the dashboard. Also scattered about were approximately $600 worth of antique coins.

hugo killing broken tail lights.jpg
Broken pieces of the truck Smith crashed -- an accident that set the law on his trail.
When quizzed about the money, Smith said that they'd gotten it from his great-grandparents house, where he was living, before the Claggets left for Blackhawk, presumably to gamble.

Rather than simply assuming that the Claggets were fine with Smith running around with so much moolah, a LCSO member headed to their home, at 42867 County Road. But when he found the residence locked, he moved on -- temporarily, as it turned out.

A return visit was prompted by a call later that morning from the principal at the local high school. He told officers he'd spoken to a student who said she'd been shown photos of the Clagetts bloodied and "dead in bed." The principal also said that Smith had been acting nervous and angry during the week, and had apparently been on his own.

The officer later spoke to the student, a teenage girl who said she'd dated Smith "for nearly a week." She said Smith had told her he'd discovered "his great-grandma lying in bed with her eyes popped out of her eye sockets and her face was bloody," the affidavit states, while his great-grandfather "was lying in the bed facing to the right with a bullet hole in the back of his head."

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All murders are ugly and horrible but when omitted by a juvenile,  there's always an 'amplified', "Why ? ", as we look to the children closest to us for some kind of clue or answers . 

In this particular case, there were serious issues that lead to the boy living w/ great-grandparents . It occurring in the small community of Hugo leaves a massive, personal effect on everyone . Each recalling a scene or situation w/ young Greg Smith, followed by a collective knowing, " That boy was NEVER right . "

If this were in fact the case, why the were firearms so easily available and better precautions not taken, making this dbl homicide possibly preventable ? This would be my first question . NEXT, parents w/ troubled teens AND w/ FIREARMS IN THE HOME, use this as yet another example of WHY we MUST USE COMMON F'N SENSE & SECURE ALL GUNS WHERE CHILDREN ARE PRESENT !!!

They are seeking new gun laws to address the recent run of incidents involving firearms . Here's an idea, EVERY GUN SOLD MUST INCLUDE TRIGGER LOCKS or some other kind of safety mechanism ! It's NOT taking the guns away, only ENFORCING the safety & responsibility of the firearm & it's owner .

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

@Juan_Leg I'll agree that safekeeping is a must, but trigger locks are dangerous. That jackwas pilot who blew a hole in the bottom of the plane he was supposed to fly was screwing with a trigger lock when he nearly took his foot off. That, and people have a habit of not being able to remove them when someone dangerous is in the next room.

A better alternative is a ready-safe that can generally be opened in two seconds.


@Cognitive_Dissident Not being a gun enthusiast, my sole point is to secure the firearms . I'm not familiar w/ the effectiveness of locks or other gun-safety devices .

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