Greg Smith, convicted teen murderer, took pics of great grandparents after killing them

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To prove that he wasn't simply making up a story, Smith offered to bring the girl photos of the scene -- and he did. She responded by telling him he needed to contact the police immediately, but he refused, allegedly because he'd touched all the guns in the house and had taken money and his great-grandfather's van. For that reason, he believed the cops would assume he had murdered them.

hugo killing claggett mail box.jpg
The driveway leading to the Clagett home.
Unsurprisingly, the officers decided they needed to chat with Smith pronto, so they headed to Swedish hospital in Denver, where he'd been taken after the accident. During the conversation, he insisted that when he'd last seen his great grandparents, several days previous, they'd been perfectly fine -- but when he returned from school that day, they were gone. He reportedly assumed they were "gallivanting" around and had left him to fend for himself.

Another interview with agents followed, and this time, the document maintains, Smith came clean, even though his mother was in the room for part of the conversation.

"I got a hinkling feeling on Sunday night [March 27]," he said -- and when one of the agents asked what had happened to his great grandparents, he replied, "They had gotten shot."

Why?, asked an agent

"Cause I'm gonna pull it off," Smith is quoted as telling him. ""I'm gonna go down and shoot my great grandparents."

The reason he did so, he added, was "kinda just for the hell of see if I could get away with it."

These thoughts went through Smith's head that Sunday, the affidavit relates. He was restless, couldn't sleep, and he started thinking about quarreling with the Clagetts -- "all the bickering, all the fighting." Plus, Charles was "attempting to have Alzheimer's" and Laura "did not know exactly what to do."

The solution, in his view, was to "take them out of the picture." Doing so would mean "no more stressed life on me, no more stressed life for them. I'd be perfectly fine."

hugo killing clagett home.jpg
The Clagetts' home.
That's when Smith realized, "There's a .22 hunting rifle downstairs in the dogs' room, there's another one in the basement on deer hoofs," plus "one in the kitchen in the utility room." He grabbed the latter, but after putting a round in the chamber, it didn't work. Neither did another gun stored behind the door. He allegedly said the gun was a pump and he was "going to push the pump back up -- and that one got jammed, too."

The problem, Smith told the agents, was the age of the weapon; it was an antique. However, his great grandfather had gotten a .410 shotgun for Christmas. And as a bonus, it was kept behind a curtain in a carpeted room that would muffle his footsteps, so that the Clagetts wouldn't hear him.

Smith told the agents he then shut a door to make "sure the dog wouldn't get out" and started moving toward his final destination, only to have the furnace shut off. Fearful of being discovered (he'd been caught sneaking out of the house before, prompting his great grandparents to leave on a nightlight), he waited until the heat clicked on again -- a delay of twenty minutes, by his estimation.

Next, he put on some gloves, entered his great-grandparents' bedroom and fired two shots where he expected their heads would be.

Continue for more about the Greg Smith case.

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All murders are ugly and horrible but when omitted by a juvenile,  there's always an 'amplified', "Why ? ", as we look to the children closest to us for some kind of clue or answers . 

In this particular case, there were serious issues that lead to the boy living w/ great-grandparents . It occurring in the small community of Hugo leaves a massive, personal effect on everyone . Each recalling a scene or situation w/ young Greg Smith, followed by a collective knowing, " That boy was NEVER right . "

If this were in fact the case, why the were firearms so easily available and better precautions not taken, making this dbl homicide possibly preventable ? This would be my first question . NEXT, parents w/ troubled teens AND w/ FIREARMS IN THE HOME, use this as yet another example of WHY we MUST USE COMMON F'N SENSE & SECURE ALL GUNS WHERE CHILDREN ARE PRESENT !!!

They are seeking new gun laws to address the recent run of incidents involving firearms . Here's an idea, EVERY GUN SOLD MUST INCLUDE TRIGGER LOCKS or some other kind of safety mechanism ! It's NOT taking the guns away, only ENFORCING the safety & responsibility of the firearm & it's owner .

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

@Juan_Leg I'll agree that safekeeping is a must, but trigger locks are dangerous. That jackwas pilot who blew a hole in the bottom of the plane he was supposed to fly was screwing with a trigger lock when he nearly took his foot off. That, and people have a habit of not being able to remove them when someone dangerous is in the next room.

A better alternative is a ready-safe that can generally be opened in two seconds.


@Cognitive_Dissident Not being a gun enthusiast, my sole point is to secure the firearms . I'm not familiar w/ the effectiveness of locks or other gun-safety devices .

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