Guns for Everyone to host pro-gun rally at Capitol to mark start of legislative session

A supervisor at a private security company, Antillon founded the Guns for Everyone blog in 2009. After he ran for House District 25 in 2010 and lost, the site got more attention, he maintains.

Antillon says he expects more than a hundred people to show up in support of guns for the event at the Capitol at 1 p.m. -- even though he hasn't been coordinating with the main gun organizations in the state.

Edgar Antillon image.jpg
Courtesy of Edgar Antillon
Edgar Antillon
Supporters of stricter gun measures emphasize that they are not trying to violate the Second Amendment or take away weapons from law-abiding citizens, but simply want common-sense solutions that reduce the risk of mass tragedies and guns getting into the hands of the wrong people.

"Anything against the Second Amendment is not common sense," counters Antillon, who notes that he's a registered Republican but supports gay marriage, the legalization of marijuana and other freedoms. "Anything against the Constitution isn't common sense."

He expects Democrats to push very hard for gun control, especially because the Republicans successfully blocked civil unions in the spring, triggering resentment.

"There are some vengeful people out there," he says.

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how about getting rid of the Gun Free Zones?All of these mass shootings have occurred at these so called "Safe Zones".Gun Free Zones only encourage criminals since they know no one in that area is armed!Had those soldiers in the Aurora theater been permitted to carry a firearm,Holmes could have been stopped!Get rid of Gun Free Zones!They are only invitations for criminals!

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

Punishing gun owners for last year's gay marriage issue is SO WRONG. Half of us are libertarians who were on the same side.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

I like the Colorado delegation a whole lot more when they're legalizing pot than when they're banning guns.


I like guns too, but why does their logo have to look like a masked mexican wrestler with a trench coat and an AK47? It's like a pro-weed group using Cheech and Chong as their logo.


This is extremely difficult for me . I too,  agree w/ the 'Freedom' arguments & how our country takes more & more,  from American citizens  each day . Communist countries rule w/ less laws as do the 'Free' ones we moronically believe, respect us .

I posses an above average IQ and admit to being totally clueless . I'm not sure I have the capacity to understand w/o attempting to correct the never ending series of problems or issues the country currently faces. Things are really fucked up & are ONLY getting worse !

I hate our Gov telling people they can't have ANYTHING , including guns . Yet, we ARE faced w/ a growing number of stateside 'war-zones' & I have NOT heard a logical solution that satisfies parties on both sides of the issue AND WILL WORK !!!

Take the top 25 richest countries in the world, ( outside of war ), we are #1 in deaths by guns and better than five-fold #2 on this list ! Could it be a question of 'Over-Ruling' on our country's part ? Misuse and abuse of law at ALL facets ? Is this the source behind the increasingly growing number of deaths directly associated w/ guns & crime?

IT'S FUCKING ILLEGAL TO BE HOMELESS !!! Cops in EVERY city target those w/ nothing while the 'privileged' steal billions & our kids die for oil . We war ONLY where & when oil is present . 

Our Gov LEGALLY lies & has it's 'OWN' back and we are truly at their mercy . September 11, entering Vietnam, Oliver North, ECT ...!!!  They continue to waste precious $$$ examining/studying gay marriage, marijuana, obesity, ECT ... , only to waste EVERYTHING come time to vote STRICTLY due to party obligations and NOT logic or common sense !. OUR GOV IS A FUCKING DISASTER and Someday may NEED to comedown & if we have disarmed ourselves as a nation ...????

I'm far more afraid of the Gov than I am the desperate criminal or physco off his meds . Our Gov murders FAR MORE than the 11,500 society averages yearly . 

Again, I don't have an answer outside of a major down-sizing of both State & Federal Governments !!!


Still 8 times more likely to be killed by a cop then some person with a gun.

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