Homelessness: City's emergency overflow shelter for women has open spots

Many of the organizations that offer emergency and longer-term shelter options for men and women were strongly opposed to the camping ban -- in large part because it seemed very clear to them that throughout the year, there just weren't enough beds.

Road Home, overflow shelter .jpg
Courtesy of Road Home
Minoru Yasui on Christmas Eve.
Milliner says he hopes the overflow option, with the regular vacancies, help ease some of those tensions.

"It clearly is a means of growing the trust and to soothe some of the concerns as a result of the camping ordinance," he says. "It's going to be an ongoing process."

Road Home also has around 150 overflow spots for men.

"Across the board...we are happy we've been able to take 150 to almost 200 people off the streets during incredibly cold nights," Milliner says.

But, he adds, "There are still some people that are very resistant to shelter."

And as of now, the additions represent only the winter overflow option, meaning it's set to end in April.

However, overburdened shelters may push the city to maintain a similar mat system in the spring and summer.

"When our efforts have taken anywhere from 150 to 200 folks off the street, we clearly know the need is there," Milliner says, noting that Road Home will continue to look for options to expand its shelter beyond winter. "[The need] doesn't go away because the magic date of May 1st comes."

volunteers at colfax shelter.jpg
Sam Levin
Volunteers at the shelter, serving food on Christmas Eve.

Carol Davis, homeless.jpeg
Sam Levin
Carol Davis, a homeless woman, at one of the centers where a shelter lottery is located.

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Feminists.... Can some one please explain why society puts women's concerns above everyone else?

Last I knew men made up around 67.5% of homeless people.

The real sickos make me sick


I lost i lost my husband and then my job and then my home. My daughter and i have been homeless since February. We have been told that we cannot get a hotel voucher, they are for single men or families with minor children. My daughter turned eighteen two days before my husband passed. The only option they would give us is women's shelters which are almost always full. So I'm guessing due to ( according to your numbers) the larger amount of homeless men, they have more options for them.


@shellie303 I certainly sympathize with you.

I must say though, you are in the 15 to 20% of homeless women.

"I lost i lost my husband and then my job and then my home. My daughter....."

I am not moved that "YOU" lost your husband, then shit went south. Rather I feel great sympathy for the extreme lack of empathy that man was subjected to from everybody.

I believe if we men choose to take care of us instead of "you" we would drop our suicide rates from 80 plus percent to damn near zero!

Good luck miss.

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