Aurora theater shooting hearing, day two: Youngest victim's story, death of a military man

In a video of Holmes at a Gander Mountain store in Aurora buying snap caps -- devices similar to firearm cartridges that are used to practice firing guns -- "his hair was bright orange," Beggs testified.

Shortly thereafter, Beggs was cross-examined by Tamara Brady, another of Holmes's defense attorneys. She asked him if there's any legal process in the state of Colorado that would have prevented someone who was "severely mentally ill" from buying any of the items listed above. Beggs's answer was "no."

james holmes adult friend finder.jpg
James Holmes's profile.
Next to the stand was Detective Tom Welton, who testified that Holmes had created online profiles on and -- the first on April 19, the second on July 5. Each of them featured a headline that read, "Will you visit me in prison?" The last time he accessed the account was July 18, just two days before the attack.

james holmes match com.jpg
Holmes's profile.
Welton also mentioned interviewing two more victims who had been in the theater on July 20. Their accounts were similar to others: They recalled seeing someone dressed in black enter the auditorium through an exit door, throw a gas cannister and then begin shooting at the crowd.

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Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

Thank you for no longer plastering the perpetrator's face all over every article. The Aurora theater photo is much less offensive (well, really, not at all.)

Sara Harkness
Sara Harkness

" law enforcement had put paper bags on Holmes's hands to preserve gunshot residue, and an officer watching him in the room said he began moving the bags in talking-puppet motions. After being given some water, he also played with the Styrofoam cup, as well as pulling a staple from a table and trying to stick it into an electrical outlet. Despite these actions, Holmes was not tested for drugs or alcohol. When King asked why not, Appel replied, "I saw no indication that he was under the influence of anything."" That's weird that they didn't bother testing him for drugs/alcohol. It seems like an important piece if information.

J Patrick McDuff
J Patrick McDuff

That clown is trying to use the "insanity" angle to get off. Also, his picture with the BIG eyeballs is another attempt to prove insanity. Fry his ass!!!

Peace Will Win
Peace Will Win

Compassion. He is a human being. A son. and a patsy.

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