James Holmes's attorneys ask to delay quizzing Fox News reporter due to network "resistance"

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Winter on Twitter.
Attorneys for accused Aurora theater shooter James Holmes have asked a judge to delay a hearing at which they hope to question Fox News reporter Jana Winter about her sources. Back in July, Winter reported that Holmes sent a notebook "full of details about how he was going to kill people" to a University of Colorado psychiatrist. She quoted unnamed law enforcement sources, and Holmes's attorneys are trying to learn who "leaked" the information.

But now it seems that may take longer than they originally hoped.

Judge William Sylvester had set aside February 4 for the hearing involving Winter. But in a motion on view below, Holmes's defense attorneys say that's too soon. Obtaining an out-of-state subpoena "is a complex and difficult process," they wrote. "Based on current attempts to communicate with Fox News, Jana Winter's employer, the defense anticipates ongoing resistance in efforts to compel Ms. Winter's attendance and testimony."

They've asked Sylvester to postpone the hearing until April 1.

Read the motion below.

Motion to Vacate Court Dates

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she'll never give up the LEO source. she'll say she doesn't know or that she heard it second hand.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Jail her for CONTEMPT ... then waterboard her until she tells the truth!

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