Dr. Janice Husted, psychologist, charged with sex assault on military client

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Big photo below.
Hollywood loves stories about psychiatrists and patients drawn into love matches during their shared time together -- much of it involving a couch. But the folks at the Colorado Springs Police Department aren't nearly as charmed by the concept. Just ask Dr. Janice Husted, who's been arrested for allegedly getting horizontal with a client from the military.

The attraction between the man and Husted, whose LinkedIn profile lists her as a clinical psychologist at the U.S. Department of Defense, appears to have been a slow burn. According to the CSPD, the man was assigned to receive counseling related to his combat deployments in the summer of 2010.

The man says his relationship with Husted became considerably more hands-on in August 2011 and continued through October or November of that year.

Husted allegedly warned the man not to tell anyone else that they were, um, dating. When he complained about having to keep this secret, she's said to have told him they could go public in a mere two years -- and when that response didn't satisfy him, she precipitated a break-up.

This decision didn't get Husted off the hook. After a CSPD investigation, Husted was busted on New Year's Eve. The charge against her -- sexual assault on a client by a psychotherapist -- is a class-four felony.

The cops are still collecting information on the case. Anyone with more to share should phone the department at 719-444-7000 or Pikes Peak Area Crime Stoppers, Inc. at 719-634-STOP (7867). Here's a larger look at Husted's booking photos.

janice husted mug shot.jpg
Dr. Janice Husted.

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So basically this guy snitched on the lady because she broke up with him. Real man there :/

Hope she gets found innocent of these charges she did nothing wrong as far as I can tell

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

U$A = a nation of parochial prudes


This outrageous both from a billing point of view and ethics. Insurance companies don't give shrinks enough time to do the dirty deed.


She'd must be able to 'suck the chrome off a tailpipe' w/ a mug like that !

Someone HAD to have caught him, ( wife or G-F ), so he cried " RAPE ! ", as ANY BUSTED soldier would do to avoid self-incrimination . 

He fought for 'our freedom', REMEMBER ??? Isn't he entitled to some professional ass ???

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