Jay and Silent Bob's POTcast: Jason Mewes talks about addiction, weed and getting old

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Smith and Mewes.
If laughter is the best medicine, then Jason Mewes is quite healthy these days. Mewes, best known as best known as the talking half of the duo Jay and Silent Bob, will be in Boulder this Friday with cult-film-god Kevin Smith to record an episode of their wildly successful weekly comedy podcast, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.

For fans, it's basically Mewes and Smith as two dirty-minded teenagers stuck in the bodies of men approaching middle age, complete with fart and blowjob jokes.

There's not much of a format -- just two guys on stage talking about, well, how old they have become. And it's hysterical. But for Mewes, the weekly engagement is also a form of therapy. He's battled addiction to cocaine and Oxycontin over the last decade -- an extremely low point for the New Jersey native. Now sober going on three years, he says he understands that his addiction was made worse by secluding himself from reality and his friends.

Jay and Silent Bob.jpg
Jay and Silent Bob in Clerks.
"Our podcast is something we started nearly two years ago, talking and telling behind-the-scenes stories behind our friendship. We've known each other for 25 years, so we'll talk about stuff that happened twenty years ago and stuff that might have happened a week ago.

"Originally, I didn't know what to talk about and make it entertaining. When we started [the podcasts], I had just been sober for two or three months. Kevin was like: 'You were sober, why did you go back?'" he goes on. "I explained that when I got the painkillers for the surgery, I wasn't accountable to anyone. I wasn't doing meetings, I was just hanging out with my girlfriend and [getting high]. So Kevin said, 'Why don't we talk about your past as well as the present, so you don't forget how bad it can be. You'll be accountable to us and to the people who listen.' Now at least once a week I'm somewhere and someone asks how many days clean I'm at. I have to be accountable to people who listen to the podcast.

"A lot of it tends to deal with the ups and downs of drug addiction -- things I can laugh about now, but that were in no way funny at the time. We talk about everything and put it out there and try and make it entertaining. Like the first time I had a threesome, or the first time I woke up next to some random girl and had crapped my pants. Different stuff like that. It's basically just the whole thing of sitting down and hanging out with your buddies and bullshitting."

Mewes' sobriety doesn't mean the duo stays away from talking about marijuana, which their movie characters are famous for embracing.

Continue for more of our interview with Jason Mewes.

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PLEASE!!!! Folks stick to the weed and if you can handle it  an occasional sip or two. There enough weed strains to get you just where you want to go. Mix it up once in a while when you start getting the BURN-OUT. Better yet, don't smoke for a week or 2 then hit it HARD.  Boulder is lucky to have you guys.                                                                jack420flash

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