Jay and Silent Bob's POTcast: Jason Mewes talks about addiction, weed and getting old

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In fact, the Boulder show is called POTcast, meaning we'll likely hear plenty of marijuana memories from the two. Smith openly talks about getting stoned already. One of his funniest stories: After waking and baking one morning, he had to fight off an owl with a pool float to save his miniature dachshund from becoming bird breakfast.

Mewes says that, though he's sober and clean, he has no problem with recreational and medical cannabis use -- adding that he fully supports both.

"No, the weed and booze doesn't bother me at all. I don't feel like I crave them," he says. "I definitely am all for marijuana. I don't think marijuana is a deadly and lethal and troublesome as cocaine and Oxy."

His own mother used marijuana at a doctor's recommendation a few years ago when she was dying of complications from AIDS, he notes, adding that he and Smith are pumped to be coming out to Boulder to show their support for newly passed laws legalizing limited amounts of marijuana cultivation and possession.

"We wanted to come out there, for one it is a big thumbs up with the whole legalizing marijuana and stuff," he says. "I think it's awesome, and I'm glad states are doing this. I am definitely all about going somewhere where it is legal and promoting it. Again, I'm all for it and it's going to be sweet to be one of the best places for it."

Jay and Silent Bob's POTcast takes place Friday, February 1 at 7 p.m. at the Boulder Theater. Tickets are still available at the Boulder Theater website.

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PLEASE!!!! Folks stick to the weed and if you can handle it  an occasional sip or two. There enough weed strains to get you just where you want to go. Mix it up once in a while when you start getting the BURN-OUT. Better yet, don't smoke for a week or 2 then hit it HARD.  Boulder is lucky to have you guys.                                                                jack420flash

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