Jeffrey Clawson, pharmacist, among fifteen indicted in alleged Oxycodone ring

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Laurie Ann Larrew mug shot.jpg
Laurie Ann Larrew.

Leticia Deherrera mug shot.jpg
Leticia Deherrera.

Rhonda Scott mug shot.jpg
Rhonda Scott.

Sadie Grubbs mug shot.jpg
Sadie Grubbs.

Shawna Lawley mug shot.jpg
Shawna Lawley.

Jeffrey Clawson mug shot.jpg
Jeffrey Clawson.

More from our Colorado Crimes archive: "Erin Maison-Everhart: Negligent child abuse charge in two year old's Oxycodone death."

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Jimmy Curtis
Jimmy Curtis

And to think, he wouldn't even sell me the 75 packages of Sudafed I needed for my sinus congestion.

Fred Kaplan
Fred Kaplan

LOL the article states that he early filled, AND extra filled some scripts even though the "patients" said they never asked for the extra. He stated he was to timid to TELL THEM NO, when they gave him phony sripts. I guess the $1,000 a week he got under the table helped him keep SAYING YES.

Deborah Watts
Deborah Watts Arizona I helped my friend get his Doctor SHUT down by the Medical Board. After SUFFERING EXTENSIVE DAMAGES CUS his DOCTOR PUSHED PILLS for PERSONAL PROFIT, my friend now PROUDLY HAS HIS Arizona MMJ card! BUT I HAD TO MOVE from the Arizona GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION, BIGOTRY AND NEGLIGENCE in 2009 to get mine ALMOST FREEDOM of CHOICE and CONSTITUTIONAL MARIJUANA RIGHTS!

Josh Moore
Josh Moore

We should ban pharmacists. Look at the damage they are doing!

Wayne Lee DeNucci
Wayne Lee DeNucci

all My friends are dying from oxy !! Thats why i smoke cannibis

Tracey Nichols
Tracey Nichols

This goes on far too often, then ppl commit crimes for more, and the Dr. or pharmasist gets a slap on the wrist and moves to another city. What a shame,,,as we guard the poppyfields of Afghanistan, we exploit the value of the poppy. Ironic to say the least! I personally know so many whose lives are forever indentured to oxy, on our dime of course, as they draw disability checks they take oxy and do heavy labor on the side for money. Not to mention those who sell their oxy for up to $35 on the streets, while we the taxpayer fund it! THIS IS WHY WE PUSHED FOR 64! HELLO!!!!

Wayne Lee DeNucci
Wayne Lee DeNucci

This is a surpise !! This happens all the time in new jersey

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Oh my! ... Hillbilly Heroin ...

Ya got trouble, my friend, right here,
I say, trouble right here in Denver City.
Trouble with a capital "T" 


I thought regulations put the black market out of business and lower the price, while freeing up police time. It appears regulations not only keep prices high, they encourage criminal activity and force police to spend more time enforcing the regulations. Funny how that works, I know I feel safer.


@Deborah Watts Blame the Government dumbass.

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