Video: Kenneth Faried's live-to-the-Pepsi Center response to monster night is, "Sh*t!"

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kenneth faried s bomb.jpg
Video below.
We love us some Kenneth Faried, who regularly doubles the energy and effort of any other player on the floor. And even he's amazed by the numbers he's racking up. When told in a live post-game Altitude interview broadcast over the Pepsi Center speakers that he registered nineteen points and nineteen rebounds in a 108-105 Nuggets win over Orlando, Faried replied, "Shit!" Hear it yourself in the clip below; the S-bomb falls at about the 53 second mark.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Prudish Word Cunts are as Prudish Word Cunts do.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

You know what? America can survive 30 milliseconds of tit and an occasional fleeting F-bomb on television. I would really like this article to be the beginning and the end of the hysteria.


" C-U-N-T !!! "

Okay next story .......

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

@DonkeyHotay You should have quit earlier in the week, the first time you EVER caught me making an actual spelling error, which I immediately admitted to. No, this was not grammar or spelling. Clearly, if you look at the statement, "and" found its way where "or" was. "the beginning of the end" is clearly what I intended to type, but since you're a stinking lush of a troll, you wouldn't have realized that. You simply trolled, even after-the-fact, because IT'S FUN!!!

Furthermore, you KNOW I'm not a stoner. I'm a patient who doesn't even smoke, who isn't even medicated most of the time (such as now, and when I originally posted) so it doesn't make any sense. You, however ARE a lush, and of course, a troll.

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