Videos: Marijuana 101 -- how to roll a joint

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Sessions' videos are just too good not to share another with you. In this one, he lays it down with his take on the cross joint. I dig the method, which (as he mentions) doesn't require as much tearing or construction as other approaches. My only criticism would be the Zig Zags. That shit is like notebook paper compared to other papers out there these days.

Joints too small? That happens. Remedy that situation with a huge chunk of nugget, some ska music, a half-dozen papers and this video from the good people over at Daily Smoker.

This vid comes from Holland in more ways than one. Arvid from Coffeeshoppr gives a lesson on the rare (around these parts) Dutch tulip.

Practice enough and you'll get to this speed (some dispensary somewhere will eventually hire this dude).

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