Video: Matt Hefferon, alleged police brutality victim, convicted of resisting arrest

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Original March 26 post with update below: The Fort Collins Police Department is currently investigating a video that popped up on YouTube in the last day or so.

In the clip, taken at around 2 a.m. Sunday morning in the Old Town Square area of downtown Fort Collins (it's on view below), an officer can be seen shoving a man, apparently without provocation -- after which the guy who got pushed is promptly arrested.

The footage was posted by a YouTube user identified as Jade Cervantes, but the person shooting it appears to be male. He initially focuses on an officer who faces him and asks, "Any questions?" but does not attempt to prevent him from recording more video. Meanwhile, on the right side of the frame, a man can be seen speaking to a second officer. The man initially gesticulates with his hands, but he's standing still, more or less, when the second officer jolts him in the chest and shouts, "Get back!"

"Don't push me again!" the man responds, from a position several feet further away from the officer than he'd been seconds earlier.

At that point, the first officer rushes over, grabs the man and says, "You're under arrest."

"For what?" the man wants to know -- and he asks the question repeatedly, even after someone (the officer?) can be faintly heard saying, "Resisting." The man is then told to place his hand on the back of his head even as his arms are being held. His frustrated reply: "I can't!"

At that point, the person with the camera adds his opinion, telling the man, who he identifies as "Matt," not to trip, because he's got the incident on video. The clip ends with the narrator brushing off the second officer's demand for his identification by saying there's no need for him to show it.

john hutto.jpg
John Hutto.
According to Fort Collins Police spokesman Sergeant Jon Holsten, the department learned about the existence of the video when asked about it by the Fort Collins Coloradoan. Shortly thereafter, FCPD Chief John Hutto ordered that the incident be reviewed even though no one has, as of this writing, issued a formal complaint about what happened. (Update, 12:45 p.m. March 26: Hutto will hold a press conference about the video at 2 p.m. today.)

The newspapers identifies one of the two officers on camera as Kyle Bendzsa, whose name made the news in September 2010, during the arrest of Colorado Eagles player Mario Joly. According to 9News, Bendzsa ordered Joly to leave Old Town Square during what was described as a riot, and when he refused to do so, the officer "delivered a straight strike" to the player's chest with his police baton. Afterward, Joly reportedly lunged at the officers and resisted arrest, getting his shirt torn in the process -- a turn of events that prompted him to phone the department to complain. Joly was subsequently arrested for second-degree assault.

Speaking about this weekend's incident, Holsten says, "The chief has ordered us to take a look at this, to see if we can get to the bottom of it. And just a little bit ago, we were able to speak to some of the guys on patrol and figure out what case it was. We're rounding up some of that information as far as the arrests made and what we're going to do in terms of talking to the officers and other folks."

No special events were taking place in Old Town Square at the time of the altercation -- just the normal process of let-out, as bars prepared to close at 2 a.m.

While the police department is initiating an investigation even without a complaint, Holsten isn't ready to make a value judgment on what's portrayed in the clip. "There are things that happen before the video is turned on, and there are things that happen after it's turned off. And we're trying to be cognizant of the fact that videos don't typically give the whole story. They give part of it."

Even so, he continues, "we know by looking at the video that part of the community will be concerned about it. When we see a video that shows physical contact with the public, it doesn't necessarily mean the officer did anything wrong, but it does let us know we have to look at the whole picture."

Here's the video:

Continue for more previous coverage of the Matt Hefferon case.

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HAHAHAHAHHAH!!!............. young whipper snappers thought this video was their savior!!!! Epic backfire!!!!!!!!!!!.........HHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!


I wonder if 'Judge Judy' swallows  $*&%*)%$(& ???.....

" Hey dude,  wake up . You can't be caught sleeping in the jury box. ", Juror # 4 quietly whispered to a nodding Juror # 7 .

" I'm voting guilty regardless .", replied seven back to one .

" I watched a cop writing down our license numbers shortly after we were picked .  Case closed as far as I'm concerned .... "

Stephen At Half Aspen
Stephen At Half Aspen

It wasn't the jury, Josh. The court limited what the defense could present and speak about. That's how it works. They tell you what you can say in your defense. Just huh?

Josh Bradley
Josh Bradley

Jury was a bunch of fucking bullshit too apparently


¨Our position was that the police lied."

No shit, but don´t tell Michael and the Westword. They think the propaganda the police give him to print is the truth.

Charlie Whiskey
Charlie Whiskey

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