Video: Matt Hefferon, alleged police brutality victim, convicted of resisting arrest

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Update, 1:53 p.m. March 26: Minutes before Fort Collins Police Chief John Hutto is scheduled to appear at a 2 p.m. press conference to speak about the incident captured in the video above, the FCPD has released the names of the individuals involved. Turns out that not one, not two but three people were cited in the early March 25 exchange with police. They are:

Matthew Robert Hefferson
Date of Birth: 10/10/87
Loveland, CO
Charges: Criminal Mischief and Obstructing a Peace Officer (Cited and Released)

Joshua Michael Cullip
Date of Birth: 01/27/88
Loveland, CO
Charges: Interference (Cited and Released)

Jarvis Lukeith Gullatt
Date of Birth 10/22/87
Loveland, CO
Charges: Obstructing a Peace Officer (Cited and Released)

Hefferson is presumably the person being shoved, since the video captures the videographer referring to "Matt." And it appears his name may have been misspelled in the FCPD release. His Facebook page prints his last name as "Hefferon." (Update: Spokesman Holsten has now acknowledged that Hefferon's name was misspelled in the initial release.)

josh Cullip.jpg
Joshua Cullip.
As previously reported, one of the FCPD officers featured was Officer Kyle Bendzsa. Also seen is Officer Dan Calahan.

In addition, the time of the incident has now been pinned down to 1:47 a.m. According to a release from Sergeant Jon Holsten, quoted above, "Fort Collins police officers were approached by the operator of a downtown bicycle taxi service reporting damage to one of his bikes. The informant was able to direct officers to three involved males who were leaving the area on foot."

FYI: Cullip posted the video on his Facebook page yesterday along with the following description:

"Police brutality in FORT COLLINS CO.

Cop shoves Matt Hefferon; for no reason!!! Check it out! Jarvis Gullatt, and Josh Cullip."

More from our Comment of the Day archive: "Readers disagree about whether Denver Diner incident was police brutality."

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HAHAHAHAHHAH!!!............. young whipper snappers thought this video was their savior!!!! Epic backfire!!!!!!!!!!!.........HHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!


I wonder if 'Judge Judy' swallows  $*&%*)%$(& ???.....

" Hey dude,  wake up . You can't be caught sleeping in the jury box. ", Juror # 4 quietly whispered to a nodding Juror # 7 .

" I'm voting guilty regardless .", replied seven back to one .

" I watched a cop writing down our license numbers shortly after we were picked .  Case closed as far as I'm concerned .... "

Stephen At Half Aspen
Stephen At Half Aspen

It wasn't the jury, Josh. The court limited what the defense could present and speak about. That's how it works. They tell you what you can say in your defense. Just huh?

Josh Bradley
Josh Bradley

Jury was a bunch of fucking bullshit too apparently


¨Our position was that the police lied."

No shit, but don´t tell Michael and the Westword. They think the propaganda the police give him to print is the truth.

Charlie Whiskey
Charlie Whiskey

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