Medical marijuana dispensary review: New Broadsterdam -- Herbal Alternatives in Denver

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Brain Buzz from New Broadsterdam.
The fuzzy round Brain Buzz buds had an almost purple sheen to the dark-green sugar leaves left behind and a dusting of shiny, silver trichomes. The smell, on the other hand, was a mix of hippie armpit and licorice. As disgusting as that may sound, the pungency out of the jar in the shop was intense, and I wanted to see why my budtender was so nuts about this cut -- so I brought home a few nugs for myself. Aside from being packed into the small container so tight that I had to shake them out, the buds had dried out over time and didn't have nearly as strong an odor as the sample. The flavor was subtler than the smell, with an almost hashy taste lingering around on my tongue after the first few hits. My stomach has been relatively cramp-free this past week, so I didn't put this to the pain test. But based on the couch time I spent after my test bowls, I can imagine it would do the job well.

Everything is priced at the same level, though some buds clearly were more impressive than others. Like comparing the Silver Pearl, with its sweet sativa smells and sandy trichome coverage, to a dull God's Vagina that had nothing impressive to offer, including the name. What's with people naming buds after genitals?

There was also a batch of Boston Bling that had a wild, jungle aroma and golf-ball-sized Blue Widow buds worth a second look. And though I wasn't going to take it home, New Broadsterdam had a batch of Nevils haze that looked like it had been put through some sort of shrink ray; it had the teeniest-tiniest trichomes and itty-bitty, thin sugar leaves. Very undergrown for what I know of this strain, but still intriguing.

DeadHead OG from New Broadsterdam.
Aside from the chop trim job, the Deadhead OG buds out of the stock jar in the shop stood out the most. They had a mild earthy smell to them, but with an added hydroponic sugary fruit punch. The herb wasn't bad, but I think OGs are best done in other mediums. Unlike thick, pyramid-shaped soil/coco fiber-grown versions of this strain, the hydro-grown buds I brought home from New Broadsterdam were comparatively thin and wispy. They were still coated in trichomes, but without a lot of the waxy density. Nevertheless, when smoked and vaped, the OG flavor came out along with a fresh, piney spice. Despite a few pops and crackles here and there, and burning more on the harsh side than not, it smoked down to powdered white ash every time. Not mind-blowingly potent, but certainly strong -- and with the $30/eighth price tag (less if you're a member), it's good for the bargain hunter.

Overall, New Broadsterdam is more memorable for the oddities inside than the handful of headies on the shelf. But it's not a bad place for discount buds if you're saving your pennies (hopefully for a trip to the real Amsterdam someday).

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