Medical marijuana dispensary review: Terrapin Care Station in Boulder

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Their sours and kushes weren't necessarily the greatest, but other strains made up for what those two varieties lacked in flavor. Namely, the fruity strains like a mixed-fruit candy Cranberry and a rum punch Blowfish that instantly got set aside to come home with me.

Like a rum punch made with an extra splash of lime, the fruity Blowfish would have been a good addition to a relaxing day on the beach (actual beach or ski hill beach, it doesn't matter). Despite being on the lanky side, it still was a pretty sample, with long orange pistils reaching around it like tentacles and a wild sativa vibe. The tiny round golf-ball bud hiding in the back of the picture lived up to the buzzy head high and delivered the surprisingly strong body-numbing effects it is known for. Not a bad taste either, with a sugary tartness through the firs two hits. Unfortunately, the big bud I brought home had some unappealing, borderline-powdery mildew-ness to it when compared to its smaller counterpart. It wasn't overwhelming or even really offensive, but still enough to make me set the bud aside and not touch it since.

Terrapin BlueMoonshine.JPG
Blue Moonshine from Terrapin Care Station.
The best finds in the shop were the relatively plain-looking nugs of Blue Moonshine. The little conifer-tip buds were trimmed tight and left to dry to a candied appearance. There was a cool, earthy Flo-ness to these buds in the shop, and occasionally when I would open the bag I brought home. But it wasn't until crushed and cracked open that the leathery, lemony smells really came out though. Though the bag appeal of these buds wasn't the highest, they made up for that with a solid, cool earthiness to the bowl through the very end and an indica-heavy buzz that squashed the pain in my neck, which I tweaked while scraping heavy wet snow off my windshield the other day. Definitely a cool strain worth checking out if you're in the area, especially at $17.50 an eighth for members.

For you non-puffers, the edibles line was pleasantly large as well, and most 80-100 milligram foods were under $10. Treats from Julie and Kate, Beyond Mars, Blue Kudu, Mountain High and Marqaha were spread out between the main dispensary and an auxiliary bud bar. The second room had all of the same strains as the front room, just a whole lot more space devoted entirely to edibles. I noticed candies, cookies, tinctures, oils, drinks, and hash caps before heading back over to the main bud bar to settle with my budtender at the cash register.

In all, my visit was a cheap one -- snagging about six grams of cannabis for just over $35 after taxes. While the herb still isn't at a level that would encourage a drive to Boulder every week for my meds, it's the cheapest you'll find in the Boulder Valley. I think if the staffers spent a little bit more time giving TLC to their crops, Terrapin Care Station could easily become a destination visit, though. Unless, of course, you simply loathe hippies.

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Terrapin Care Station

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