Should DIA's blue "Mustang" statue be put out to pasture? Vote in our public art poll

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Do you love the Denver International Airport's demon horse? Do you hate it? (Do you just want to dress up a paper doll version of it?) In this week's feature story, "Yay or Neigh," we take a look at our own feelings for the big blue beast at the perfect time to do so: the fifth anniversary of the city's most controversial piece of public art. And now it's your turn to weigh in. Let us know what you think of the "Mustang" by voting in our poll below.

Need to do more research before you decide? Read our "Mustang" cover story, or check out one Westword editor's defense of the piece. And if you need more context, compare and contrast with our list of ten other public art controversies in Colorado.

And if you're a fan, don't forget to download your own "Mustang" paper doll!

More from our Art archive: "Our twenty favorite Westword covers of 2012."

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Denver International Airport

8500 Peña Blvd., Denver, CO

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Joktan Rogel
Joktan Rogel

Can we please stop talking about getting rid of the horse? He's been around for years and is a Denver landmark. This conversation has gone beyond beating a dead horse.

Erika Meeske
Erika Meeske

I just wish the eyes were Bronco Orange instead of red.

Margaret Richards Karisny
Margaret Richards Karisny

The creepy horse that gives nightmare to me every time I go to the airport ? Oh but why? It's just a great conversation piece every time some one comes into town, starting with " whoa, WTf"

Alison O'Kelly
Alison O'Kelly

I could get over hating it if those red demonic eyes weren't part of the equation, right, Dino Valente?

Chris Wilke
Chris Wilke

A little scary to see on your way to a flight. It is memorable.


Any chance of substituting a Corvette in place of the Ford ?

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