Niwot High School closed over thirty-person hit list, bomb threats

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In the home state of Columbine, threats of school violence are taken very seriously, as well they should be.

Hence, the decision by officials at Niwot High School to cancel classes and activities today following the discovery of a thirty-person "hit list," as well as bomb threats. Get details and see the principal's letter to parents below.

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Dennis Daly.
Boulder County Sheriff's Office spokesman Rick Brough told 9News says the first threat was found on Monday, using a time-tested communication method: It was scrawled on a wall.

Then, on Thursday, the list was found. In addition to thirty named targets, it also reportedly included references to explosives and bombs.

That was enough for the BCSO to suggest a closure of the school today, so that personnel can conduct interviews with the named students and their families and further investigate the matter to see if it's a credible plot. Either way, deputies will be on hand at the school throughout next week.

Here's the letter Niwot High principal Dennis Daly sent to parents, as posted on the school's website, followed by a 9News package:

Dear Niwot High Parents and Guardians:

This communication is an update to the message I provided you early Thursday afternoon, and contains new and important information.

Based on the recommendation of the Boulder County Sheriff's Department, the District will close Niwot High School at the end of the day on Thursday. The school will remain closed Friday and over the weekend.

The recommendation to close the school was made, in part, due to a second written threat discovered by students earlier on Thursday. Canceling school provides law enforcement professionals additional time to evaluate the threats.

Be advised that the second threat identifies the names of approximately 30 Niwot High students. Law enforcement professionals have begun contacting the parents of these students for follow-up discussions and to ensure their student's safety.

At this time, the details related to these events are the subject of a criminal investigation. While the timing and extent of new updates will be impacted by the investigation, I will make every effort to keep you fully informed.

According to criminal experts, threats of this nature are usually made by an individual or a small group that acted out previously but friends and acquaintances chose not to report the incident. For this reason, I urge you to sit down with your student tonight and discuss the seriousness of this incident and the importance of reporting any information that might help us resolve it.

The status of events scheduled for Niwot High during this is as follows:


Niwot Elementary Talent Show practice postponed

Niwot High Girls Basketball v. Longmont High postponed

Niwot High Wrestling v Greeley Central at Greeley Central High School

Niwot High school day canceled

Niwot High Boys Basketball v. Longmont High at Longmont High School

Niwot Elementary Talent Show postponed


Niwot High Gary Daum Wrestling Invitational at Frederick High School

The school schedule for Monday, January 13, is unchanged at this time. I will keep you informed of any changes.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions or information.

Dennis Daly, NHS Principal

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Who's to say the 'list's' origin wasn't a cpl of lazy 'jocks' wanting to get a break from practice ?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

The Right to Keep and Bear Bomb Threats Shall Not Be Infringed !


Works better than pulling fire alarms to vacate the buildings ....


It just dawned on me, might the source behind the list be a disgruntled elk PISSED OFF over the 'Big Boy' assassination ? Same county, same area . 'Big Boy's friends and family both, are pissed Boulder is doing little & no arrests have been made in their beloved, 'Big Boy's' death . 


Had this occurred in Aurora, APD would've charged the school, shooting ANYTHING that moved !


I don't understand why the school's mascot was among the targeted .

Actually, my first thought was the 'List' was crafted & purposely left in the locker-room by some 'Creative Stoners' seeking to avoid a major test, while creating & enjoying a 3-Day weekend .

It fucking worked ! I only hope they were careful in prep & wore rubber gloves at all times while handling the 'List' .

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

30 person hit list in Niwot High?

What is that, like the entire Faculty? ... or 10% of any given grade class?

Justin Jones
Justin Jones

Yes, close it down! And there are all levels of crazy out there, but remember, crazy doesn't kill, guns kill.

Ellen Zuckerman
Ellen Zuckerman

25 years ago (yes, I'm dating myself) my high school was evacuated due to a bomb threat being called the middle of a cold and snowy day. We stood outside in the cold for about an hour while the school was searched and then they let us go back in...but there was no "hit list" that I recall so this could be a more credible threat. Or it could just be some stupid teenager (no offense, normal teenagers) who wanted to skip school. Unfortunately, I think we do have to take this kind of thing seriously these days.


@Mike Pereira Coors Light .......

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