Photos: Pro-gun rally overshadows anti-fracking protest at Capitol on day one of new session

Ed Fielding, 63, and a member of the Centennial Gun Club and the NRA, said, "I want to pass my guns on down to my grandkids. I have them for home protection.... The other side needs to go after the guy that's crazy. They need to go after mentally ill people. And it's the bad movies and it's the games."

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"Sorry, Ty," he added, gesturing to his grandson.

Next to him, George Makolondra, a retired Denver Police officer, said that gun control never works.

"Has prohibition against marijuana worked?" he asked, later adding, "How can you blame people...that are lawful people that follow the rules...and got their guns through legal means?"

He admitted frustration with the image of the NRA in the aftermath of terrible mass shootings.

"The NRA is always portrayed as this faceless lobby group, but it's average people," he said.

Cindy Lyons, a freelance writer in Colorado Springs, carried a sign that read, "A gun will stop a rape but a weaker gender will not!" She said she was trying to get more women and "feminists" to understand the importance of guns and the danger of gun control.

Guns are essential for protection, she said. "Women are the weaker sex -- not nearly as strong as men.... The only way to defend against a perpetrator is [with a gun].... You can't do that by throwing rocks or with hammers."

Some members of the anti-fracking rally, which numbered around twenty people, said their cause wasn't all that different from the one espoused by the pro-gun people.

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"People have a right to drink clean water, and fracking is definitely infringing on that right," said Patrick Boyle, a technology specialist who was recently arrested at a fracking-related protest in Texas.

He added, "A lot of people here don't have an issue with the Second Amendment."

When he first got to the Capitol, he stopped on the wrong side of the street, he noted.

"I was standing there and I was like, 'Why have I never seen these people before?'"

On the corner of Lincoln and 14th Avenue, far removed from both protests, Lori Scott, 76 -- one of two people protesting the pro-gun crowd -- stood with a small sign that read, "Stop killing our children."

"I'm a grandmother and I'm concerned with the way this country is going," she said. "We are turning into armed camps. We've got to something about the guns.... It is baloney!

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For more photos, visit our full slide show.
She added, "We are such a violent country.... It's just amazing the number of guns that are out there."

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The 'Frackers' were additionally out-weighed on average by 93 lbs .  Coincidentally the exact same number the 'Fracker's' surpassed the 'armed', on the IQ scale .....

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Gun Loons = Piss-pant Cowards

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