Photos: "Pro marriage" supporters protest civil union bill at State Capitol

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crowd shot.JPG
Crowd members held signs and shouted their support of the speakers.
Crowd members attended the rally for a variety of reasons. Joe Stano of Denver said he felt the bill's language preventing religious charities from refusing to send children to same-sex couples was an example of "religious intolerance."

Lakewood's Rosemary Cardarelle aid she attended the rally because she wants the current definition of marriage -- between a man and a woman -- upheld.

"It's how families thrive," she said. "You cannot thrive any other way."

Surprisingly, only one oppositional voice was heard during the rally when a passing spectator interrupted former Senator Ed Jones, yelling, "What about divorce?" before leaving the scene. Jones responded that he has been married twice, but that his first wife passed away.

crowd shot two.JPG
Supporters protested the pending civil union bill.
As the rally ended, crowd members mingled for a few minutes before quickly dispersing. As they left, the impact of the afternoon was clear: The gathering was not about the smiling reinforcement of beliefs. Their grim faces instead reflected an uncomfortable acknowledgement that their perceived battle may already be finished.

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Using the never fail Caplis rule (where nearly any stance taken by Dan Caplis should be opposed to that stance), anyone with a half functioning brain should be for this bill. 


I'm just happy that when I get married in Vegas to a woman with a head full of blow and a stomach full of prime-rib buffet that there isn't going to be disapproval from either side.


When hapless Caplis was a cub lawyer working in Boulder, the common knowlege among office employees was that he was deeply in-the-closet.

Even his fake marriage to Amy Spooger didn't fool anyone.


I want to marry Rush 2112 ! 

I have loved that album nearly my entire life !

WHO SHOULD FUCKING CARE as long as I pay for the license ?......

Josh Bradley
Josh Bradley

So...apparently referencing a tongue-in-cheek derogatory remark from South Park regarding Harley riders (in that it has more meaning than just sexual orientation connotations), also a Brit word for a cigarette, when describing these hypocrites was enough to offend some people in to reporting it and getting it removed. Pitiful. Ever heard of a joke?


Marriage has far too many christian references for the likes of this Atheist !

'Join this 'couple' in 'holy' matrimony before the eyes of god...' 

Perhaps if 'god' returns my absent & most needed  missing left leg, we could talk .....


"scripture is literally correct, and I take that seriously."

But how can we take you seriously after saying that?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

'Pro marriage' supporters = Hateful Bigots

davebarnes topcommenter

"McNulty managed to rouse he crowd from its relatively flaccid state"

I saw what you did there.

Matt Leising
Matt Leising

These remind me of the people that protested against desegregating marriage of my parents generation. Sad sad skin deep people

Chris Good Eagle
Chris Good Eagle

It amazes me this is even an issue. Keep your damn church to yourself. This is a civil right. Civil Union's now, equallity for marriage next

Matt Leising
Matt Leising

Are they trying to ban divorce on top of everything else? No. Sounds like typical pseudo Christians putting their beliefs onto other people that they don't even adhere to. Good luck hypocrites!

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@RevBF As well you should be, Rev. Thanks for the post.



All who curse their father or mother must be put to death
They are guilty of a capital offense. -- Leviticus 20:9

Make it so, Sen. Lundberg, your god commands it.

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