Rahim Moore may be a Broncos goat, but he doesn't deserve to be slaughtered

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rahim moore wiki.JPG
Rahim Moore.
Denver blog posts has a lot less interest in this weekend's NFL playoffs than expected.

Mile High Report fan poster McGeorge argues against throwing the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to Rahim Moore, who gave up the TD that eventually crushed the Broncos' season.

The Colorado Independent's John Tomasic on Weld County's ban on supplying morning-after pills to family planning clinics.

The Grazing Mind's Farrah Lamoreaux: Roll on, green stampede.

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Granted, Moore played the worst game of his professional career but his shortcomings are far from being identified as the source behind that embarrassing postseason defeat .

Fox coached the game 'Not to lose' rather than 'to win' . Injuries reduced the team to a rookie & a white guy at RB & w/ Peyton as QB, Denver INSISTED to force the run ! We already knew Manning can't throw w/ his usual accuracy in the cold, and the proper adjustments were NOT made to accommodate the difference . Having 'Replacement Refs' didn't  help the situation either ....

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