Robert Motyka, Denver police officer, shot in high-speed chase; one suspect dead, four caught

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Bob Motyka.jpeg
A photo of Officer Robert Motyka from West Denver Copwatch.
Motyka is one of several DPD officers targeted by a January 2011 lawsuit filed by members of the Martinez family. As we wrote in a post from that month, the Martinezes weren't part of a criminal enterprise; indeed, several are players in a Mexican musical group. On a night in January 2009, however, a group of DPD officers, including Motyka, burst into their home, apparently based on outdated information. Several of the residents were roughed up and arrested in the confusion that followed.

Here's a synopsis of what took place from an ACLU letter to the Justice Department calling for a federal investigation of law enforcement practices in Denver:

The Martinez Family alleged that the officers began pounding on their door shortly after 11:00 pm, demanding that they open the door. When Daniel Martinez, Jr. opened the door slightly, the officers rushed into the house without consent or a warrant. Officer Valdez slammed Jonathan Martinez's head through a window and then pulled him outside of the house and slammed him onto the concrete to apply handcuffs. Officer Martinez pushed Daniel Martinez into the living room, pinned him against the sofa, and applied handcuffs. Officer Motyka punched Nathan Martinez in the face without any provocation. Officer Jackson forcefully dragged Daniel Martinez III from the house and slammed him into the concrete before applying handcuffs. All of the Martinez Family members were criminally charged. A jury acquitted Nathan Martinez and Daniel Martinez III on all charges. All of the charges against Daniel Martinez, Jr. and Jonathan Martinez were dropped.
We'll update this post with more information about yesterday's chase, as well as the current status of the Martinez lawsuit. In the meantime, here's a 9News video of the chase aftermath, followed by the aforementioned suit and the ACLU letter.

Martinez family complaint and jury demand

ACLU Colo Letter to DOJ

More from our News archive: "Martinez family lawsuit: Members of Mexican band say Denver cops mistakenly beat them."

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Los Latineerz
Los Latineerz

Thank you Westword....... I'm glad your paper gets our story out to the public...

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Perhaps the Cop was limping ... with a broken antler ...

Josh Bradley
Josh Bradley

Karma is a bitch...she needs better aim though. Could've at least hit him in the scrote.


Shoulder ???

Horrible shot !!! Wish he had better aim . 

R.I.P.  Ziggy & Chloe .....


So Donkey how should someone protect themselves from the evils of society? You think the cops are bad, (you siad that in the story about the dog) and you think people shouldn't have guns, so should we just allow crime to happen to us? Just accept bad guys because they were probably created by our terrible society?


I didn't say it was, I siad "the evils of society" not the "the evil society". If you want my opinion the problem with society is the complete lose of any sense of personal responsibility. But of course this had been fostered by the nanny state that we live in.  

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