Scott Gessler investigation: John Suthers offers support, accused of conflict-of-interest

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Here's the letter from the Attorney General's office.

Independent Ethics Commission

And here's Gessler's original request to the IEC for an opinion on a legal defense fund.

IEC request

More from our Politics archive: "Scott Gessler pushes new bill that would allow him to remove non-citizen voters from the rolls"

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Colorado's Amendment 41 has some extreme reaches.  Even to the point that our elected officials can't have a meal provided for them at certain events.  And yes, I voted for it.  That said, my take on the AG's letter, creates the argument for all our elected officials to have the ability to raise funds for legal defense if need be.  Only reason why this story made Westword was because it was Republican on Republican action.  Sad the rules of the game are changed when the party is reversed.

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