Scott Gessler pushes new bill that would allow him to remove non-citizen voters from the rolls

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Coolidge says Gessler's office is interested in getting access to other federal databases that have relevant immigration information, but notes that his office would not use records from the state Division of Motor Vehicles to remove suspected non-citizens under this law. (The office has used the DMV records in the past to send letters and may continue to do similar checks, but, Coolidge says, would not remove registered voters who had at some point shown an immigration record at the DMV).

"We should make every effort we can to use every database available," says Saine. "It's just...common sense, whether it's one or 5,000 [ineligible voters]."

It makes for a more consistent process, she argues, noting that suspected felons or deceased individuals can be removed. "Why would possible non-citizens be any different?"

Coolidge says that suspected non-citizens, unlike felons or deceased voters on the rolls, would have an expanded opportunity to respond and prove eligibility.

"It's a more thorough process," he says.

"This is our suggestion to the legislature," he continues. "If they have a better idea...we are willing to have that conversation at the Capitol."

Coolidge adds that with the general election passed, "we have breathing room to develop the idea."

Here's the full proposal.

House Bill 13-1015

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Any non-citizen caught voting in our election gets the death penalty...How's that Vox?


it's all about SCOTT, isn't it? talk about a megalomaniac. 

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