Scott Gessler: Ten politicos weigh in on Secretary of State's first years in office

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Ken Gordon, Democrat
Ken Gordon, Occupy event.jpeg
Ken Gordon at an Occupy the Courts event
Gordon, a former state Senator, ran for Secretary of State and lost to Mike Coffman.

"He has prioritized what he calls 'integrity in elections,' by which he means there are non-citizens voting, which there is no evidence of.... I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he believes it's a problem. But if it was a problem, somebody would've actually been able to show some evidence that it is. His priorities are misplaced." (Gessler's staff has shared its evidence with us in the past when arguing that the potential for fraud is serious).

"I would think that democracy works better when everybody participates, so the activities of the office should be to encourage people...and not to chase...issues that are unfounded.... It would appear he doesn't mind getting into fights.

"He's an intelligent person, so I am surprised he's focusing on this non-issue.... It's not just a waste of time.... It can have a chilling effect on people who are citizens who are entitled to vote."

Representative Chris Holbert, Republican

Chris Holbert, Facebook.jpeg
Chris Holbert
Holbert is co-sponsoring a bill this session that would allow Gessler to directly remove non-citizen voters.

"I appreciate Secretary Gessler's resilience on this issue. I have experienced some criticism myself, but I know that the voters of my district, a vast majority of them, do support these efforts [to prevent fraud].... Secretary Gessler campaigned on the issue, and I think it is a rare thing in politics to find someone who makes specific promises and then stays diligent and keeps those the best of his ability.

"I stand by Secretary Gessler's effort to make...our voter records better and more efficient.... I know Scott to be a thoughtful and professional person and Secretary of State.... We are not out to accuse, we are out to make sure our government is working more efficiently and helping consumers and citizens and verifying that our voter records are as clean [as possible]."

Continue for more commentary from Scott Gessler supporters and critics.

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