Scott Gessler: Ten politicos weigh in on Secretary of State's first years in office

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Michael Hancock, Democrat
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Sam Levin
Mayor Michael Hancock.
As mayor of Denver, Hancock has been critical of Gessler and has generally supported Clerk and Recorder Debra Johnson in her disagreements with the Secretary of State's office. (These comments are from an interview we published in October).

"The one thing that we do agree is that no one who should not vote... [should] vote in our state or in this nation. But let's just be clear: This is a very concerted effort to suppress the vote across this nation. The same things that Gessler argues, we've seen in Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, Louisiana. It is a very calculated, coordinated effort to suppress the vote, and it's unfortunate. Instead of trying to scare people away from the ballot, I believe our job as public servants is to encourage political participation by folks and make sure you have those measures in place to encourage, but also to filter out those who shouldn't be voting.

"Immigrants, more than anything, know that their very objective and goal to become citizens is permanently damaged by registering to vote and what we ought to do is be educating and making sure we re-educate and continuing to educate those folks who work in our public offices, who register people for licenses and registering to vote, that they know exactly what to say to immigrants that are coming to them for protect the immigrants as well as to protect the integrity of [elections]."

"It is my hope that...[Gessler] is not a part of the agenda to suppress the vote. And I'm always gonna give people the benefit of the doubt."

Wendy Warner, Republican

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Sam Levin
Wendy Warner at a Romney rally.
Warner is the chair of the Denver GOP and has been supportive of anti-fraud efforts.

"I like Scott Gessler.... When he ran for election, he said, 'You know, I want to set clear rules so that we can follow them,' as opposed to this namby-pamby thing that can be interpreted by whoever.... So let's set the rules and let's all follow the rules. I appreciate what he's doing and I agree with what he's done.

"Do we trust what's going on if we have illegal voters?... Think of the small [elections]... A lot of the local legislative races are won by under a hundred voters.... I think he's made a difference.... And we shouldn't be sending mail ballots to inactive voters, because I can give you examples...[of] people who died or moved away down to Florida...and all the sudden...those ballots, we've tracked them and they've gotten voted."

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