Photos: Top ten politicians who've smoked pot

Number 6: John Kerry
john kerry.jpg
John Kerry.
The newly minted Secretary of State was asked about whether he had smoked marijuana during a CNN debate when he was running for President in 2004.

He answered yes, as did fellow candidates Howard Dean and John Edwards. Kerry eventually bested both of them to win the 2004 Democratic Party nomination, only to be defeated in the general election by another alleged fellow weed enjoyer (see number 10).

Number 5: Arnold Schwarzenegger

arnold schwarzenegger ronald reagan.jpg
Arnold with a guy who probably didn't inhale...although he did work in Hollywood for a long time.
We know, we know -- Schwarzenegger isn't a politician anymore, having left the California governorship to return to making terrible movies. But we include him here because marijuana use, to which he has readily admitted (he's seen puffing a joint in the 1975 film Pumping Iron), was one of the least controversial skeletons in his closet. During the '70s, he said he'd attended orgies; more recently, he fessed up about fathering a child out of wedlock with his housekeeper, precipitating the collapse of his marriage to Maria Shriver.

If only people had stopped digging for dirt after the pot stories came out....

Continue to keep counting down our list of the top ten politicians who've smoked pot.

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Try spelling "Barack" correctly if you want people to listen to what you have to say.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Yet none of them were pig-ignorant bong-sucking semi-literate stoners ...

... with the possible exception of G aWol Bu$h.

Now how about that list of Politicians who did cocaine ?


Wouldn't it be easier to list those who haven't ?

Who in office didn't attend college ?


"My fellow citizens, I may belong to the Choom Gang but I literally don't care about your welfare. I have a military/pharmaceutical/prison industrial complex–and it's various components–to support. So regardless of how you may feel or what you may wish, my problems will always trump your problems. I trust you will allow me to remain untainted and untouched by the unconscionable acts that I have committed on your behalf."

Sincerely yours,

President Barak Obama


@malcolmkyle16  <----- The 'cut & paste' MASTER !

 I wonder how many people use some of Donkey's entries as their own in other publications ?

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