Total Frat Move's ten most "TFM" Colorado photos

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total frat move cropped.jpg
Big photos below.
In case you're a GDI (that stands for "God Damn Independent"), Total Frat Move celebrates (usually) (sort of) the kind of behavior that separates members of college fraternities from the rest of humanity. The site regularly features user-submitted photos from across the country, including Colorado.

Check out our ten home-state favorites below, along with their original captions. They'll have you exclaiming, "TFM!"

Number 10:

total frat move looks ill be drinking gentleman's jack at home for the next 20 days total frat move.jpg
"Looks like I'll be drinking Gentlemen's Jack at home for the next 20 days. TFM."

Number 9:

total frat move the fountain keg tfm.jpg
"The fountain keg. TFM."

Continue for keep counting down Total Frat Move's ten most "TFM" Colorado photos.

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No Snakes
No Snakes

Well... Number 8 made me thirsty...


i think i just vomited in my mouth a little

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