Reader: Justice Department's decision not to charge cops in Alex Landau beating predictable

Alex Landau.
Our post about the decision by Justice Department representatives not to charge Denver cops involved in the brutal beating of Alex Landau with federal civil-rights violations prompted anger and frustration among many of our readers.

Here's an example.

Cindy Hill writes:

The federales couldn't be bothered to finally take the DPD to task for their racist behavior? Not shocked at all. The whole police department needs to be brought down and rebuilt from the ground up. Stay strong, Alex!

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Failure to train has always been an issue when police screw up. The cowardly act of shooting someone in the back, while fleeing, turns out to be a cop, no surprise. If this is proper training then everyone should know, any cowardly cop can shoot you, your kids, in the back--then use the 'coined phrase', "I believed my life was in danger". In other reported incidents it also seems that they are taught to empty an ammunition clip into a human before they stop. Knowing right from wrong, you know what's next, right? A District Attorney that covers up that information or alters the cowardly actions. I filed, in part, a suit for failure to train against Jefferson Cty. (pre-Columbine). Wanna see the crooked side, of those in law, that festers in the state of Colo.? (Respectfully, open your eyes, for your offspring, consider what you hear and do or say something, todays technology brings that into your home.) I have a website, petition, and a U-Tube video to share entitiled "Help me buy justice." Pass it on.


This is outrageous !!!!!!!!!  How do cops manage to land so many facial blows, aren't they trained to restrain the body.  If a person is resisting arrest even, only their hands and feet would be a danger to an officer, so why is this mans face a pulp?  This is alarming especially no where does the article mention Mr. Landau had a weapon.

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