Andrew Simpson gets up to eighteen years in hit and run that killed Masoud Bahramisasharif

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After the incident, the Denver Police released photos of an early 2000s Jeep Cherokee said to resemble the vehicle in question. Here are those shots:

Masoud Bahramisharif vehicle photo 1.jpg

Masoud Bahramisharif vehicle photo 2.jpg
Then, the following week, came word of a potential breakthrough -- the recovery in Aurora of what's been termed a "suspicious vehicle" that turned out to belong to Simpson's girlfriend. A statement of probable cause also seen below quotes her as saying the vehicle had only a couple of scratches the last time she'd seen it -- a strong contrast to the severe front-end damage that marred it afterward.

The statement also described two separate 911 calls from intersections not far from the crash site in the moments preceding it. One caller said the driver chased him and asked where to buy marijuana. The other one said the driver was flipping people off in the company of a shirtless passenger whose body sported plenty of tattoos -- a description that fit Simpson's brother, who was in town for a visit from Spokane, Washington.

Still, the break in the case came as a result of an anonymous tip from a Simpson acquaintance. He said Simpson had called and told him "he really fucked up." Turns out Simpson and his girlfriend had gotten into a fight -- and afterward, he'd hit the streets with his brother. Even after the two of them went to a bar, he admitted to still being angry as he drove. Then he looked down for a moment, and when he looked back up, he'd hit something.

Simpson assumed what he'd struck had been a dog, so he didn't bother stopping or checking the vehicle. He only did so after seeing a news report about the accident that killed Bahramisharif and realizing that what he'd smashed into had actually been a person.

For his actions, Simpson was charged with vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death -- and he's now been convicted on both counts. He's due back in court on March 28, at which point he could receive a sentence as long as eighteen years.

Look below to see a larger version of Simpson's mug shot, the police accident report, the probable cause statement, and a Fox31 report from around the time of the original incident.

andrew simpson mug shot.jpg
Andrew Simpson.

Evans and University Accident Report

Andrew Simpson Probable Cause Statement

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" Thought it was a dog so I didn't stop. "......

What kind of dog can make the sound of a full grown man & bike when being ran over by any motor vehicle ? Lying piece of shit ! What kind of person DOESN'T stop after hitting someone's pet ? This LYING P.O.S. who has EARNED the 18 year sentence !

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